 Pm KP Oli says about 80 crores relief is distributed.

Lumbinikhabar Online

Prime minister KP Sharma Oli said that about 80 crores relief has already been distributed among the citizens and said that to distribute that amount of relief by government is not making drama rather it’s a reality. He said that many who were in need got the relief but who were not in need also had got the relief from the government. People are saying there are dying of hunger than the corona pandemic but the prime minister has said that the government has distributed the relief which will not let people die from hunger.


He also said that how reporters reach to the people who are leaving the Kathmandu valley, the CDO and the police don’t gets informed but how the reporter reach to them carrying a camera, isn’t this a mysterious thing. Government will arrange officially and unofficially for these things and will not make any weakness for difficulties. This are just making anti government discussion so he also requests to inform the government for these things.

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