Mandira won this year’s ‘Best Cosmetology’ award in Thailand

Lumbinikhabar Online

Thailand- Senior cosmetologist Mandira Khadka ‘Hayu’ from Nepal has won the best cosmetology award of this year in Bangkok, Thailand. He was awarded this year’s best cosmetology award on behalf of Nepal at the international achievement award ceremony held at the Bank’s Hotel Princeton.
Mandira Mandira, a beauty and cosmetologist from Nepal, went to Bangkok to receive the award after the program in Vietnam and Cambodia to participate in the ceremony that honors and distributes awards to eminent national and international personalities who have made outstanding contributions in their fields for a long time. Khadka is the only Nepali to win an award in the cosmetology category at the award, which was attended by about 3 dozen distinguished personalities from Thailand, Vietnam and Cambodia, including Nepal.

In the ceremony organized by SMP Media and organized in collaboration with Pageant Nepal Network and Nikila Media, he was joined by former president of Thai Nepali Society and businessman Kumar Karki, senior young businessman from Bangkok Tawan Namhanyael, revenue officer of the Thai government Kamonan Phottai, ICRC’s Dematic Advisor and Asia Pacific Regional Economic Security Chief Bal. Sunil Khadka, a distinguished businessman from Bhujel and Bangkok, presented the award jointly.

She has won the best cosmetology award in India some time ago and has received honors from many prestigious associations at the national level as well.
Khadka has been known as a beautician and cosmetologist for a long time.

She has been doing her regular work as a training of trainer from Cityity, and she has also been taking responsibility for makeup for special events in Nepal.

He is also the director of GM Beauty Salon with Cosmetics in Kaushaltar, Bhaktapur. He is known as a quality and excellent beautician.


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